Information irradiation - Special Feature!

Bin Laden, et al., Name change consideration of the temporary ... Japan's mass media is WikiLeaks the (WL), but seems to think the source of information on the extension of the whistleblowers in government and business, this is a danger. Partnership with populations with the idea of ​​dismantling the nation and the government is complicit in the destruction The purpose of Wikileaks (WL) is neither in the whistleblowers, nor is attacking the United States in order to benefit a particular country (eg China). Every era, the nation and the government is there are anarchists who believe that there is no need (anarchist). Anarchists, human beings are social animals believe that even without resorting to violence (ability) device, such as the army and police, it is possible to go happy enough to live under the spontaneous order. Anarchists do not respect the laws of the State has been established. However, to comply strictly the law in the fellow. WL was united by anarchism specific values, but seriously consider the organization of the dismantling of the nation and the government.